Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday's Keep Three Hodgepodge


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1. What is something you currently find 'taxing'? 

Trying to understand other people.  A particular person to be more specific.  I will leave it at that. 

2. I've seen this question asked in various forms on several social media can only keep three-

coffee, jewelry, tacos, wine, books, dogs, chocolate, Netflix, make-up, leggings, cheese, cats

Which three do you keep and how easy or hard was it for you to decide? 

Books, chocolate and make-up.  Easy decision.  I like coffee but only have it on occasion.  I wear basic jewelry (engagement and wedding rings, stud earrings, my Fitbit and sometimes a bracelet or necklace) that I wouldn't want to give up but not in my top three.  I could live without tacos.  I don't drink wine.  I like dogs but don't have one because my husband isn't a pet person (he really is a kind man though).  I don't watch Netflix, wear leggings, care too much for cheese and I am allergic to cats.  

3. Tell us something you know or have learned about forgiveness? 

Forgiveness is a command.  I can forgive someone whether I feel like it or not.  

4. What's something you'd recommend that is often overlooked and under appreciated? 

Simple acts of kindness.  It doesn't take much to do something kind for someone else, even a stranger.  

5. Give us a favorite word that starts with letter K and tell us why this is the one you chose. 

Kinesthetic as in kinesthetic learning.  It is one of the three basic learning styles.  Kinesthetic learners process information best when they are physically engaged during the learning process.  I used to love planning lessons for my students to include this style of learning.  If it was included more in elementary classrooms I think there would be far less students labeled ADHD.  Just my opinion :) 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Does anyone else still have their Easter decorations up?  I was going to take mine down this past weekend but it just felt too early.  

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wednesday's Adieu to March

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1. The Hodgepodge lands on the last day of ten words or lest bid the month adieu. 

Windy days leading to the renewed hope of Spring!

2. March 31st is National Tater Day...your favorite way to have a potato? Given a choice would you opt for sweet, white, or red? How often are potatoes on your menu in one form or another? Ever been to Idaho? If not, is that a state you'd like to visit someday?

My favorite way is French Fries though these days those would be oven baked and homemade.  I wouldn't turn down any potato but I would choose red.  Potatoes are on my menu just about every week.  I have never been to Idaho.  I don't have any interest in visiting there.  

3. Last time someone or something 'rained on your parade'? Explain. 

Let's just say Covid rained on many parades. 

4. Put all your eggs in one basket, get cracking, nest egg, bad egg, good egg, egg on, have egg on your face, or walk on eggshells...choose a phrase from the list that applies to something in your life currently and tell us how or why.

Get cracking.  I have been keeping up with my exercise goals of at least 6 days of 45 minutes and 11,000 steps.  I recently started walking earlier in the morning because if I don't get cracking I am still working towards those steps after dinner and I don't like that.  

5. If I visited your home would I find a lot of baskets there? Something you like to keep in a basket? 

Yes, I love baskets.  I like to keep books and other random things in them.  To me it makes things look so much neater.  

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

I am celebrating 50 lbs. lost this week!  It has been a lot of hard work and consistency over the past seven months but I am happy I started then.  Onward to my goal weight!  

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday's Spring Hodgepodge


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1. "Hope springs eternal"...discuss. 

I can't help but think of the song "Christ Our Hope in Life and Death".  "Oh sing Hallelujah, our hope springs eternal".

2. Last time you needed to 'spring into action' or 'spring to someone's defense'...explain. 

On Monday I sprang into action.  An older family member needed help filling out the gazillion papers sent from a new doctor.  I started by helping over the phone then realized it would be easier to do in person.  So my husband and I went to visit and I was able to help in person.  Everyone was relieved when it was finished.  

3. Tulips or daffodils? baby birds or baby bunnies? The cherry tree or the dogwood tree? Jelly beans or peeps? March madness or spring training? Peas or carrots? 

Tulips.  Baby birds and bunnies (I can't pick one).  Cherry trees.  Jelly Beans (Russell Stover are my favorite).  Neither since I am not a big sports fan.  Carrots but I like peas too.  

4. I read an article here on the South's best cities on the rise. They are-Baton Rouge Louisiana, Fayetteville Arkansas, Greenville South Carolina, Huntsville Alabama, Lexington Kentucky, Norfolk Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Waco Texas, Wilmington North Carolina, and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Of the cities listed how many have you seen in person? Which one on the list would you most like to see? Have you spent much time in the southern states (USA)? Any spring road trips on your calendar? 

I have not been to any of those cities and do not have any plans for traveling anytime soon.  I would most like to see Lexington, Kentucky.  I have heard it is beautiful.  I have made the drive along the Eastern coast to get to Florida so spent some time driving through Virginia, NC and SC.  We have vacationed in VA and spend the night in both NC and SC.  

5. Tell us how your outdoor space needs sprucing up this spring? Which do you enjoy more (or hate the least-ha!) yard work or house work? 

My backyard needs more than a sprucing up.  It needs a big cleanup and better landscaping.  I enjoy house work more.  I do not like working in the yard or planting or gardening.  Just not my thing.  I try to help but other than raking up leaves I am pretty much useless.  

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Has anyone else been getting a ton of Spam calls?  Has anyone found a way to stop them?  It is so annoying!