Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting our Christmas Tree

Today we went to cut down our Christmas tree. It is the same place where we went apple picking just a couple of months ago. This is the first time we have cut down our own tree and I think we have found a new tradition. We had a lot of rain this past weekend so there was lots of mud. We walked quite a way before finding the trees. There were so many of them. We would find one we thought looked great and then as we got closer we would see there were too many holes in it or it wasn't the perfect color. Finally we found the one. My husband cut it down very easily with the saw and the kids yelled "timber" as it fell. We then put it on the wagon that we brought (smart move). We walked out to the dirt road and waited for the tractor to come. Then they tossed the tree on the front of the tractor and we sat on the back. It was starting to get really cold. The kids were asking for hot chocolate and I was glad I had them bring their gloves. My husband tied the tree on the top of the minivan. It took a while since he always does a very thorough job. When we left it was dark and the country roads have no lights on them. It was nice to show the kids how dark it is looking out on the farm. We stopped at McDonalds for some hot chocolate. Wow Mickey D's has really stepped it up a notch. The hot chocolate had whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I didn't get my own but kept taking sips of the kids. Afterwards I thought I should've got one of my own. It was a nice time out on the beautiful North Fork. I always loved driving out there in the fall, but now I think I love it just as much in the winter.

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