Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?

Say thank you. When you see a serviceman or veteran be sure to thank him for his service to our country. Supporting our military is very important especially after what some of our veterans went through when returning in previous years.

2. Besides a flag what is something you own that is red, white and blue?

My kitchen curtains are red and white but not blue. Hmmm...the quilt on my couch in the living room has red, white and blue.

3. Does love really conquer all?

Well, I think of God sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross to conquer sin and death. What greater love is there?

4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?

I would choose strawberry shortcake although now that I can't have whipped cream I would take blueberry pie. My favorite is a blueberry pear crumb pie that I plan on making this weekend.

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?

My sister-in-law hennas my hair and I talk about personal stuff with her because she is family. If I go to a salon for a cut then no. I try to stay with the small stuff. I have to laugh when I hear some of the conversations that go on in there!

6. Does money lead to selfishness?

Does it always? I don't think so. There are many people with lots of money that use it for good and to help others. Is everyone else thinking of the verse from 1 Timothy 6:10...."For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through many sorrows."?

7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?

My kitchen table. I would love to refinish it... if I knew how. I like it because it has two leaves that I can add when we have a party. Its' previous owner let her children do crafts on it without covering it first and there are still some marks of that. No matter what I use to clean it or how many times I have scrubbed it I can't get them off. It looks good with a tablecloth or some placemats.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The mosquitoes are out in full force already here. They seem to attack me no matter what I do. Does anyone know of anything not too chemically that works?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... the sun has set. It was hot and humid today.

I am thinking... America's Home Videos has some really ridiculous stuff on it.

I am thankful for... those who gave their lives so we can live free here in the USA.

From the learning rooms... we were off today for Memorial Day. We went to the parade instead.

From the kitchen... hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, veggies, toasted marshmellows, s'mores, and more.

I am wearing... denim capris and an Old Navy flag t-shirt.

I am going... to acupuncture, soccer, and church this week.

I am reading... the Bible, "Lies Women Believe".

I am hearing... the fan.

One of my favorite things: the screenhouse we put up in the backyard. It provides shade and some privacy.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. What's something you miss about the 1980's? If you're too young to miss the 80's how about the 90's?

Winged back hair like Kelly from Charlie's Angels.

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?

Yes. Probably about ten times a year. Although our local library is under construction so that probably explains it. When it opens back up I will try to go every other week. When the children were preschool age we went more frequently because they had lots of programs for them.

3. What's the secret to success?

Trusting in the Lord for all things, seeking His kingdom, loving others.

4. This is National Backyard Games week...what's your favorite backyard game?

Volleyball. I haven't played in a long while, but it sure is fun.

5. If I dropped by today what would I find on your coffee table?

I don't have a coffee table but on my end table you would find a lace crocheted tablecloth made by my mother-in-law, a green glass dish, a "Live, Love, Laugh" coaster, a ceramic decorative cross tealight holder, a few papers that go along with my jury duty summons, a blank penmanship paper for the children, and a scrap paper with the dates of the Romans sermons I am trying to get for my father-in-law.

6. Do you own a bicycle? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Is that something you enjoy?

I think so. I am sure it is somewhere in the garage. I don't ride anymore because it is not good for my back. I did take my daughter's bicycle for a spin through the back yard to try it out last year though ;)

7. What's your favorite cheese?

Mozzarella. Who doesn't like anything parmesan or pizza?!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Thankful for the many who sacrificed for our freedom!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is raining, again. At least the weekend was sunny.

I am thinking... that we are almost done with our school year.

I am thankful for... food on our table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads.

From the learning rooms... plugging along with all of the basics.

From the kitchen... homemade mac and cheese for lunch but haven't figured out dinner yet.

I am wearing... light khaki shorts and a pink v-neck.

I am going... to the chiropractor this week. My neck and shoulders are so tight and sore so I am sure I need a good adjustment.

I am reading... the Bible, "Lies Women Believe".

I am hearing... my children playing together.

One of my favorite things: quiet moments in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea. Hoping to get one of those today ;)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook & Monday's Mention!

Outside my window... the sun is trying to come out. It is mostly cloudy though. This weekend we hit 80!

I am thinking... how fun to check my blogger dashboard this morning and see my name and blog listed twice! I won a giveaway over at A Steady Rain and Sharon at A Few of My Favorite Things featured me for her Monday Mention!

I am thankful for... the celebration of Mother's Day.

From the learning rooms... we are plugging away at our lessons. Next week I will administer the California Achievement Test for our standardized test. In NY we only have to use a standardized test every other year, with a narrative on the alternate years, but I prefer to test every year.

From the kitchen... baked chicken, leftover macaroni salad and veggies. Pear blueberry crumb pie for dessert :)

I am wearing... my pajamas still. I did some cleaning this morning and don't want to get dressed until I workout and I am still hoping.

I am going... to acupuncture, the dentist, soccer and church this week.

I am reading... the Bible, "Lies Women Believe and The Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, which is our new book for the ladies book study.

I am hearing... the fan blowing.

One of my favorite things: Silk Soy Vanilla Creamer. Still giving up cow's milk I finally found something that is thick and creamy.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. What is a pet peeve you have when vacationing?

Being rushed. I don't like time pressures while on vacation.

2. Would you describe yourself as a light packer or do you need everything in your closet plus the kitchen sink?

If traveling by car I love to pack a lot of stuff. You never know what you will need, right? Another reason I love traveling by car ;)

3. What's the best lesson a child ever taught you?

Unconditional love and acceptance. Lesson taught to me by my sweet children who always have a smile and hug for me.

4. Share one piece of advice you'd give a recent graduate as they attempt to enter the job market?

Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord! Don't look for shortcuts or the easy way out. It is called work for a reason. Determine to do your best, even when it isn't easy.

5. What's your favorite lemon something?

Lemon Italian Ice. Yum!

6. Flat sandal, wedge, heel...your favorite footwear?

I would have to say wedge. I like heels but can't wear them much because my back starts to hurt. A wedge gives a bit more support and stability and can still dress up an outfit. But if I am not dressing up you can find me in my flip-flops!

7. What do you like best about a beach holiday? If you're not a beach lover (GASP!!) what do you dislike the least?

Digging my toes into the sand. Looking out onto the water that never seems to end. The sound of the crashing waves. The smell of the salt in the water. The sound of seagulls overhead. The warm sun on my skin. Running into the cool, refreshing water. Oh wait, was I supposed to pick just one?!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Is May feeling like April with all the rain where you are? If the flowers hadn't bloomed I would never know it is spring here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgpodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. My daughter is graduating from university this month and plans to teach elementary school. What are three qualities you most want to see evidenced in a teacher?

Dedication, Organization and Care for his or her students. Teaching elementary school can be a lot of fun and a lot of work. I believe these three qualities will keep a teacher going and doing the best job they can.

2. You can tell a lot about a person by_____________________. The way they treat their mother.

3. What song makes you think spring?

Amy's Song by John Denver.

4. May 1st is Mother Goose Day...share your favorite nursery rhyme.

It's raining, it's pouring;
The old man is snoring.
Bumped his head
And he went to bed
And he couldn't get up in the morning.
Rain, rain, go away;
Come again another day;
Little Johnny wants to play.

5. What makes someone unforgettable?

Their love for others.

6. Should music and/or art be part of a well rounded education?

Yes, even though those areas are not my strengths.

7. What social situations make you flustered or nervous?

Crowds. Even since I came down with dizziness crowds make it worse and that makes me nervous.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Not too many random thoughts today. I have had a migraine off and on for the past few days and also a sore throat. A big pot of chicken soup is simmering and I am just trying to function ;)