Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

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1. What question do you often ask yourself?

"What is wrong with me?!"  I often say that to myself when I make a mistake or do something stupid.  

2. Do you grow roses? What's your favorite color of rose?  Ever been given a dozen roses?  Where was the prettiest rose or rose garden you remember seeing?

No, I am not a gardener but I love roses, especially pale pink ones.  The prettiest roses I remember seeing were the ones in my wedding bouquet.  See:

3. Do you read the freshness dates on grocery store products?  Will you use eggs past their 'use by' date?  Take medication that's expired? Buy a dented can?

Yes, I read labels for freshness dates, almost obsessively ;)  I won't use food that is past it's use by date or medication either.  I will not buy a dented can and get upset if one gets dented in my pantry.  

4. Should athletes be role models?

If they are honest and hard working, why not?

5. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first explorers to reach the top of Mt. Everest on this date (May 29) back in 1953. What's something you hope to achieve in your lifetime?

I hope to be a godly wife and mother and one who loves others and is kind.  To me, that is a great achievement.  

6. What would you do if you had twenty acres of land and the money to develop it any way you choose?

I would give a chunk of it to our church so we could build our own building and not have to rent.  Then I would build a house for my family and offer to do the same for any extended family that would like it.  I would build some kind of housing for those in need and some great outdoor space to enjoy God's beautiful creation.

7. If I invite you to a party with a 7 PM start time, what time will I actually see you there?

7:03, if it's up to me.  

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Is anyone else feeling patriotic following Memorial Day?  We went to our town's parade and I teared up a few times.   ~Theresa

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

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1. It's National Bike Week...do you own a bicycle? When did you last ride a bike? 

Technically I think I do have a bicycle in the garage.  My sister gave it to me years ago but I don't ride it anymore.  Being on a bike isn't the best position for lower back issues.  I did take my daughter's new bicycle for a twirl around our backyard when she got it a few years ago.

2. What's something you learned in school that wasn't part of the curriculum?

I learned that it is easier to do well in a class when you like the teacher and very difficult to do well when the teacher isn't someone who is kind or seems to take an interest in you.

3. What's a food you've never tried, but want to try? What's a food you've tried and will never try again?

I guess I would try crawfish.  It always look so fun when I see people on TV eating it but we don't have those around here.  I've tried pickled herring and don't ever want to taste that again!

4. Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less? Why? Do you think that's a good trend?

I'd say less demanding.  I know it isn't good for me physically to put so many demands on myself so I've been trying to be mindful of that.  I do think that's a good trend since I can be one who takes on too much.

5. Who is your favorite book, movie, or TV show villain? 

Erica Kane on "All My Children".  What a great actress Susan Lucci is!  She used to come into the store that I worked at as a teenager and everyone said how nice she is in real life.  

6. How concerned are you about identity theft? 

I'm not too concerned.  I know it is an issue that I need to be on guard against but I don't think about it often.

7. I saw this last question on 
Dawn's blog a couple of week's ago and asked if I could share. Everybody hop over and say hi, but first answer this...would you rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or an extraordinary home in an ordinary place? 

I would rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place.  I don't like to stand out much ;)

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

My extraordinary place would be on the ocean, for sure!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

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1. May is National Blood Pressure Month...what sends yours soaring, either literally or figuratively? What calms you down? When did you last have your bp checked?

I have white coat syndrome.  No matter what I do my bp is usually a little high when I first get to the doctor's office.  I have to tell the nurse that the doctor will take it again in a while and it will be fine.  I had mine checked just yesterday.

2. You just found $1-what do you spend it on? How about 10$ 100?

You can't buy much with $1 other than food.  You can get two apple pies or a sweet tea at McDonalds's for $1 ;)
If I found 10 $100 that would be put aside for fun spending money for the family.

3. Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food has been proposed, but not enacted in the US. How much attention do you give food labels before you buy? Are you in favor of labeling if it means an increase in food prices? Is this an issue you've been following and feel strongly about, or is this the first you've heard of the controversy?

I give lots of attention to food labels.  I am in favor of labeling even if the prices increase.  We actually won't buy certain items in certain stores based on what the label says.  Recently we've been having a hard time finding beef that is from USA.  Many labels say "from USA and Canada" or "from Mexico".  I absolutely won't be anything labeled with the second one.  As for GMO's, certain stores state that their products are GMO free such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.  Trader Joe's has reasonable prices and great quality and we are buying more and more from there.  I feel strongly about this issue and have been following it.  

4. May 15th marks the birthdate of Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. At this point in time, are you more in need of brains, courage, heart, or a trip back home? Explain.

I would have to say heart.  It is always good to be more caring and to have more compassion.

5. "There's no place like home" is an oft repeated line from Baum's book. When was the last time you felt the truth of that statement?

A few months ago we were helping our friend pack up and move.  He had a huge house that was beautiful but lived there alone due to life's circumstances and it was so lonely feeling.  It needed a woman's touch ;)  When we would pull into our driveway after a long day there I would say "There's no place like home".  My husband and the kids agree :)  Even though our house is very small, it is comfy and cozy and our home :)

6.  Steak...yes please or no thank you? What cut do you prefer and how do you like yours cooked? Sauce or no sauce? Besides your own kitchen, where's a place you like to go to get a great steak? 

Yes, I'll take mine medium/medium well.  I like all kinds- Porterhouse, Filet Mingon, Ribeye, Prime Rib, Sirloin, London Broil are a few I thought of .  My favorite dipping sauce is made from mayo, ketchup and parsley.  Since I'm not eating mayo I prefer ketchup.  If I am out I will eat it plain if it would embarass or insult someone to use ketchup.  We have some great steakhouses here.

7. When was the last time you were in a genuine hurry?

Sunday morning.  It seems any time the four of us have to get out the door together I am in a hurry.  That's what happens when you all share one bathroom.  

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am still having trouble with formatting my posts.  Today I typed right into blogger and it still didn't work.  I'll have to keep trying to figure it out.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

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1.      When the children of today grow up, what do you think they'll say about this period in time? What do you most hope they remember?

They will probably say  that they can’t believe they had to text to communicate.  I hope they remember how important family is. 

2. National Teacher's Day is celebrated in the US of A on the first Tuesday in May, this year May 7th...share how a particular teacher positively impacted you. 

This one is easy.  When I was in high school it was Mr. Zenie who had a positive impact on me.  He was my Social Studies teacher.  He pushed me to reach my full potential and wouldn’t let me get away with anything but my best.  He saw something in me that I had not yet seen myself.  He suggested that I start volunteering in the Special Education class during my free periods.  I did and loved it even though I didn’t like school.  As much as I didn’t like school and couldn’t wait to graduate high school, I decided that I would go to college to become a teacher.  And that is just what I did!  I know the positive impact a good teacher can have and hope that I somehow positively impacted my students.  Before I graduated high school  I wrote about Mr. Zenie and what he meant to me for an English paper.  My English teacher asked if she could share it with him.  Of course I said yes.  I was so happy that he really knew how much he did for me.  When I graduated high school he presented me with an award that said “Things don’t change, people change.”  What sweet memories! 

3. What's a dish your mama made, that if set in front of you today would whisk you right back to childhood?                

My favorite dish that my Mom makes is pasta with sauce and neckbones.  I’ve been eating them since I was a kid and honestly I don’t think it is something I would eat for the first time as an adult.  The thought grosses me out a bit but they are so good that I just try to be thankful and dig right in!                                                          

4. Mother May I was a game we played when I was growing up...no pieces, parts, or plugs required. What games from childhood do you remember loving that were also pieces, parts, and plug-free?

I loved playing Red Rover.  There would be two teams standing facing each other.  One team would hold hands and shout “Red Rover, Red Rover, we call _____ over.”  Then whoever it was that they called over would run and try to break through the hands that were being held. 

5. Besides your own mother, tell us about a woman who influenced you as a child?

This is an easy one since I have teachers on my mind.  It would be my first grade teacher, Mrs. Baker.  She asked me to be the new girl in our class’ special friend and show her around.  That new girl was Lynn and we became best friends.  She still is such a special friend to me , over 30 years later.  Mrs. Baker was such a great teacher.  When I was student teaching my class was pen pals with Mrs. Baker’s class.  I had the chance to hand deliver our letters and see her in person again. 

6. Mamma Mia! What's the best play or musical you've ever seen? 

When my husband and I were dating I took him to NYC to see a play and for dinner.  The play was off broadway and based on the Gospel of John.  It was a great time. 

7. What are three smells that make you feel nostalgic?

Ralph Lauren perfume, rose milk hand lotion, and Fun Dip candy. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to get my text to come up the right color and I can't align the first question.  Ugh!