Thursday, September 29, 2011

ABC List

I saw this over at The Chatty Mommy's Blog and thought I'd play along.

A. Age: I am still in my 30s :)

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: Scrubbing the bathroom tub

D. Dogs: My husband is not a pet person, so no. I did have one growing up though.

E. Essential start to your day: Reading my bible and Quiet Time.

F. Favorite color: Green, if I had to pick one.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'7"

I. Instruments you play: I don't play any. Wish I played the piano though.

J. Job title: Mom, teacher.

K. Kids: 2

L. Live: Long Island, NY

M. Mother’s name: Mom

N. Nicknames: Tee

O. Overnight hospital stays: Just when my children were born.

P. Pet peeves: Unreliable people.

Q. Quote from a movie: Jerry McGuire- "You had me at hello" is the one I thought of.

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: Two older sisters

T. Time you wake up: 7:30 on average

U. Underwear: Yes, always!

V. Vegetable you hate: Dark greens (mustard, kale, etc)

W. What makes you run late: only one bathroom in our home

X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth

Y. Yummy food that you make: pot roast with gravy and whipped potatoes

Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe, althought last time we went to The Bronx Zoo the giraffes
were inside and it stunk!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. It is officially fall here in North America...I realize not everyone who participates in the Hodgepodge lives in North America but if you do, what's your favorite memory of Summer 2011? If you're not in North America, what's your favorite memory of the season just ending on your side of the world?

My favorite summer memory is celebrating my birthday with my husband and kids. We ordered take out and ate it at the beach overlooking The Long Island Sound. After we went down to the beach and the kids played while I relaxed in my chair on the sand. We went home, showered, put on our PJs and had cake :)

2. Your favorite nut? You know I mean the edible kind, right?

Walnuts. I love them on ice cream, in maple syrup, plain and cracking them out of the shell. Growing up we always had them on our living room table during the holidays. I loved cracking them and digging out the pieces.

3. What activity puts your sense of balance to the test?

Well, probably all activities since I came down with dizziness about four years ago. It is better but still I have to be careful and avoid certain triggers. If I had to pick one activity I would say the Wii game where you walk along a tightrobe.

4. How would you describe your sense of humor?

I would say I have a good sense of humor although I can be sarcastic. I love to laugh.

5. September 28th is National Ask a Stupid Question Day...what's your stupid question?

Why has a day been set apart for asking stupid questions? Don't people don't that everyday?!

6. Roller skates~hula hoop~jump rope...which activity would you most enjoy? Yes, you have to choose.

Roller Skates! I haven't roller skated in years but used to love roller skating at the rink and on my parents' basement floor!

7. What's your most sentimental possession?

My engagement ring. I love having it as a reminder of the dreams we shared before we were married.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday I went to Rite-Aid and had the kids with me. There were gross Halloween decorations everywhere. I had to tell them to look straight ahead to avoid the goblins and such. I don't celebrate Halloween anymore and hate having to see those decorations everywhere. I used to have to avoid the stores the week before but now it seems like the decorations start more than a month before. Really...can't we just enjoy the beginning of autumn?!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... we have had several gray days in a row. Today it was nice to see the sun peaking through. It is very humid for late September.

I am thinking... I am glad to have a quiet day after a real busy weekend.

I am thankful for... a nice birthday celebration at home for my husband last Friday. I wanted to throw a big party but he just wanted me to make eggplant parm. so that is what he got!

From the learning rooms... the basic subjects today to get back into the school week.

From the kitchen... I am not sure what I am making for dinner tonight. If I have yeast I think I will make pizza.

I am wearing... denim capris and a teal t-shirt.

I am going... no special plans this week.

I am reading... the Bible, "Womanly Dominion".

I am hearing... "The Baby Story". I love that show!

One of my favorite things...

A picture for sharing... this is the strawberry shortcake I made for my husband's birthday on Friday. I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman. It wasn't supposed to have a hole in the middle. For some reason the center didn't seem to cook all the way through, so I cut those pieces out. It tasted delicious anyway.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. Do you like chili? Red or white? Beans or no beans? Spice or no spice? Toppings?

I am not much of a chili girl. It isn't something that we ate growing up. My husband loves it and I think I have only made it once or twice. When we were dating I went to Texas for a friend's wedding and brought back some chili packet to make for him. He still says it was the best chili he ever had. If anyone has a good chili recipe for the crock pot I would love to give it a try.

2. Red~Orange~Gold...your favorite fall color?

Really, I have to choose one?! I love all of the fall colors but if I had to pick one I would have to say orange.

3. Who did you idolize when you were growing up?

Hum, can't really remember anyone. Maybe Kelly from Charlie's Angels- LOL. I guess as I got older there were a couple of teachers in high school.

4. When was the last time you did something 'arts and craftsy'? Share please.

I covered a coffee can with construction paper to store our pencils in. Does that count? I also put an already made flower wreath around a candle. I guess you could say I keep it simple.

5. What's a place that makes you really nervous?

Anything closed in, like an MRI or a tunnel. I don't like being confined ;)

6. Horse back riding...yay or nay (neigh?)

I love the idea. I have gone a few times when I was a kid but can't say I have done it as an adult. Not sure if I am brave enough anymore :(

7. What is your favorite cliche?

"Many hands make light work."

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Did anyone else google examples of cliches for help on #7? Please tell me I am not the only one ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is getting dark. The crickets are chirping. It was in the
60s today. A great day for opening all the windows.

I am thinking... I am so glad the temperatures have dropped and it is starting to feel like fall.

I am thankful for... kindred spirits.

From the learning rooms... we covered all the basics today.

From the kitchen... homemade hot dog rolls, Sabrett hot dogs, homemade macaroni and cheese and sliced cucumbers.

I am wearing... light khaki shorts and a light turquoise shirt. Oh my! I am wearing the same exact outfit as last Monday.

I am going... to acupuncture on Wednesday, soccer on Saturday and church on Sunday.

I am reading... the Bible, "Womanly Dominion".

I am hearing... the crickets, my son and husband talking, my computer humming.

One of my favorite things... hot tea with milk. Now that the weather is cooling off it is the perfect excuse for a break ;)

A picture for sharing... this one is from last year. I will have to make some soon. I am not sure why I took the picture before the cream cheese frosting?!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? Will you get a flu shot this year?

I make a big pot of chicken soup with lots of fresh garlic and parsley. If it is the kids I give them Hylands Cold C tablets and cut out all sugar.
I will not be getting the flu shot this year!

2. What advice can you give about how to conquer fear?

The bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear. There is a saying "do it afraid". So I guess I would just say pray and trust the LORD and keep going!

3. Share two good things about your life right now.

1- I am able to homeschool my two children and be with them all day.
2- I am starting to feel much better in regards to the dizziness I have had the past few years.

4. A hot fall fashion trend in 2011 is a return to sixties style...tunics with pants, shift dresses, pencil skirts, cinched waists, bold prints, high necklines and short lengths to name a few. How does this fashion trend fit with your wardrobe and personal sense of style?

It doesn't really fit my wardrobe although I like the tunic with pants idea.

5. Were you involved in scouting as a kid? How about as an adult?

I was a Girl Scout for a while when I was a kid. I won lots of awards for selling the most cookies since my mom always took it to work.

6. Apple, pear, plum, pumpkin...your favorite fall flavor?

Apple. I love apples. Apple pie, apple crumb, apple cobbler, apple streudel, apples with peanut butter :)

7. What characteristics do you think are essential in a good teacher?

Patience, trust, knowledge, love, endurance and a deep care for their students.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Don't you just love Little House on The Prairie? That is what my kids are watching right now. Laura is cooking for Nellie who is supposed to be making cinnamon chicken for Almonzo. Instead, she is using cayenne pepper!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... the sun is setting. I can set the pinkish sky through my kitchen window.

I am thinking... when will the fall weather arrive? The temperature is forecasted to drop 10 degrees later in the week :) I would prefer the 60s though.

I am thankful for... the priviledge to teach my children at home.

From the learning rooms... today was our first day. We did bible, phonics, penmanship, reading, spelling, math, history, computer and arts and crafts. It was a good start.

From the kitchen... one of our family's favorite dinners- pot roast made in the crockpot, gravy, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

I am wearing... light khaki shorts and a light turquoise shirt.

I am going... to the doctor for my annual on Wednesday. I don't like going to the doctor but thankfully I have a great one who I love.

I am reading... the Bible. I started reading "Womanly Dominion" since our book club will be starting up again this week.

I am hearing... the A/C, fan and my husband talking.

One of my favorite things... routine. I am happy to be back to our fall schedule. I enjoy summer but towards the end I look forward to fall.

A picture for sharing... the cake and cupcakes I made for my daughter's birthday tea party.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. What is one piece of advice you would give a 'just turning' 21- year old adult?

Remember that whatever decision you make, you will always remember it for the rest of your life. So while you think you are all grown, remember that you will always need the advice of those older and wiser than you.

2. Besides cooler weather (or warmer weather, depending on your hemisphere) what is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?

Apple picking. I love driving out on the North Fork of Long Island. We go apple picking, stop at the farm stands and buy Mums and enjoy the crisp air.

3. What sound lulls you to sleep?

The air conditioner. If it is too cold for that then the air purifier. I have trouble falling asleep in complete silence.

4. September is National Preparedness Month...does your family have an emergency 'kit' and/or disaster plan in place?

Considering we just needed one for Irene, I would say yes. I have flashlights and candles and we always have lots of food in the pantry. One thing I would like is a generator. I will have to keep my eye out for a sale.

5. How has your blog changed since you started blogging? Or has it?

I don't think it has changed much.

6. What's something you've recently learned to do on the computer?

Unfortunately I haven't learned anything new recently. But since blogging I have learned to include pictures in my post (although I seldom do), and change my background (which I will be doing soon for fall).

7. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

I recently saw a picture of myself and it told me that I need to lose weight!

8. Insert your own random here.

We usually have pretty quiet weather here on Long Island, but in one week we felt the effects of an earthquake and a tropical storm. I wonder if this winter there will be a lot more blizzards.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is cloudy and humid. Not the nicest day for Labor Day.

I am thinking... I have not been on my blog in a while. Between the earthquake, Irene, and my laptop being down it seems longer than it has been.

I am thankful for... God's protection over us and our home during the storm. For our power being restored after about 53 hours!

From the learning rooms... our homeschool officially starts next Monday!

From the kitchen... penne a la vodka, sausage and meatballs leftover from yesterday. We had family over for my daughter's birthday.

I am wearing... a blue t-shirt and camel colored capris.

I am going... to my in-laws for cake tonight. That makes three celebrations for the daughter's birthday. Last week she had a tea party with her friends. I hope to post some pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.

I am reading... the Bible. I haven't been doing much reading lately besides that.

I am hearing... the washing machine, my kids on the Nintendo DS.

One of my favorite things... cake with custard and fresh strawberries for filling topped with whipped cream.

A picture for sharing... sorry but no picture this week. With my laptop down I haven't been able to upload any.

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