Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Christmas Present

Well the Christmas decorations are down, the tree is at the curb and the cookies are all gone. I am sure I will be finding pine needles here and there for the next couple of weeks. They seem to turn up everywhere. I received lots of great presents for Christmas and used some of the money I received to buy a Bissell Steam Mop. I think I got a deal because I purchased it from Kohl's and was able to use my $30 in Kohl's cash. I called at least five stores to see if they had it in stock and none of them did. So my husband called customer service and they gave us the sale price, free shipping, and allowed us to use the Kohl's cash (usually you can only use it in store). That's what I call a D E A L! It really is as easy as it looks. You fill up the water tank, plug it in, wait a few seconds for the light to go on and viola. It is lightweight, has a long cord and works well. Did I mention the kids keep asking to use it? I used it on my hallway floor and it was shining. Usually when I get it to shine like that you better be careful because it is so slippery. Not with this. It is not slippery at all. Another benefit is not having to keep buying those expensive Swifter sheets or dump a nasty mop bucket. You still have to sweep or vacuum first, but it is a breeze. The floor drys quickly and no stinky, toxic chemicals. It is nice to start the year off with clean floors.

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