Sunday, April 18, 2010

UBP After Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Well my first blog party was fun. And the best thing about it? There was no mess to clean up! There were so many blogs listed, I didn't know exactly how to go about it. I started browsing and chose blogs with titles that sounded like they would have similar interests as me. I looked for other Christian homeschoolers, teachers, and natural minded moms. There are still hundreds of blogs to view. I will keep visiting the party page so I can visit some more. I have read that some of the bloggers visited over 100 blogs during the party. I didn't visit anywhere near that amount. Thanks to those who took the time out to visit my blog and leave me a comment. It was great to meet you all.
For the after party post I was asked to link up to three blogs that I found, that were brand new to me. Not so easy, since I liked so many of them. But here it goes:

Rachel has a beautiful blog with lots of photos. You can visit her by clicking on her button.

Amy is a missionary mom who is also homeschooling. You can read about her here.

I met another Amy too. You can visit her blog here.

I look forward to meeting more wonderful bloggers, even though the party is officially over.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It is fun to meet other former teachers. Take care.

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks so much for the mention! You made my day! I am following you on bloglines and I am looking forward to getting to know you better as we follow God in this homeschool/life journey!


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