Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

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1. The expression 'mad as a March hare' originated with a fictional character who is distracted and frantic. When were you last 'mad as a March hare' and what was it that made you that way?

I haven't heard that expression before but sadly I was that way yesterday.  Let's just say being tired and hormonal are not a good mix and leave it at that ;)

2. Mardi Gras this year falls on Tuesday, March 4th. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras, and if so what did you think? If not, do you have any interest in going?  Purple, green, and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras. Which one is most prevalent in your wardrobe? How about in your home?

No, I've never been to Mardi Gras and I don't have any interest in going.  I think the behavior of many of the people that attend is beyond disguisting and wouldn't want to try to shield my eyes from that.
Purple and green are my two favorite colors.  I prefer silver over gold though.  I have more purple in my wardrobe of the three.  My bathroom is light purple and green.  I also have some green in my living room and kitchen.

3. Are you old fashioned?

Yes, I think most would say so.  I like when my husband and I are walking on the sidewalk and he walks on the outside.  I think men should open doors for women, people should give up their seats for the elderly, when calling for a person one should come to the door not honk the horn, young ladies should be walked to their door and not let out of a car at the curb, and men should be paying for dates.  From what I've seen in today's society, those things are old fashioned.

4. Do you carefully plan your vacations, or do you prefer the days to be more spontaneous?

I do like to plan, but also allow for some free time so we don't get stressed from following a strict schedule.  Afterall vacations are supposed to be relaxing.

5.  March is National Sauce Month...what's your favorite sauce, and what do you most often top with this sauce?

My favorite sauce is my homemade Marinara sauce.  Spaghetti is my family's favorite to top with my sauce, but also homemade pizza, meatballs, sausage and stuffed shells.  I think my husband likes anything topped with sauce and eats it right out of the pot with a spoon!

6.  What's something that easily brings a tear to your eye?

The playing of Taps and a military salute.

7. If you could own any sports team, which one would it be and why?

The NY Yankees because it is a NY team.  I have no interest in being the owner of a sports team but if I had that much money I could hire people to run it because I'd be clueless.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Have a great rest of the week :)


  1. In response to your random thought,..... Thank-you! I have hopes that it really will be great.

  2. You are so right about Taps and the military salute being sad...
    I agree with your 'old-fashioned' thoughts, too.

  3. Love your answer for #1....LOL! I agree, Mardi Gras looks like a big party that I do not want to be at. Excellent answer of old fashioned. Yes taps would definitely bring tears to my eyes.

  4. Oh, I agree with your #6. Taps does bring goosebumps, and a tear to my eyes when I hear it played. We also enjoy the same 'sauce'!!

  5. Isn't that sad that those practices are considered old fashioned. Tsk. Where are we going as a society? {sigh} But I still have hope!

    Oh yeah, the playing of Taps is totally a goose bumpy, teary moment! I forgot about that.

  6. Taps is a great answer! Definitely a teary moment, or maybe an all out cry. Hope today is better than yesterday : )

  7. Loved your answers..yes..Taps does it for me too..and a sharp dressed Marine (my husband was Marine). Blessings

  8. Great answer for #3. Yes, Taps does it for me too.


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