Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Perfect Hodgepodge

Visit Joyce and join the fun!  It is still the same Hodgepodge and gracious host, just a new, updated button :) 

1. What is one area of your life where you're a perfectionist? Is that a good thing?

I have perfectionist tendencies for sure!  One area is cleaning.  I like things a certain way and I believe everything has a place.  It bothers me when things are not in their proper place. 

2. What's something you find perfectly ridiculous?

I'm not sure if I'm answering this one right, but as for about all the protests that are still going on?  I'm all for free speech but let's move on people. 

3. What's a skill you've developed by way of that old fashioned saying, 'practice makes perfect?

Cooking well.  I didn't have much practice until I was married but have had lots of practice over the past 15 years. 

4. What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?

If I could eat anything I wanted without having any dietary restrictions it would be 2 fried eggs, toast, bacon, orange juice, coffee and a piece of coffee cake.  My Grandpa used to make that breakfast for me when I would visit.  I sure do miss him and my Grandma. 

5. What's a trip, holiday, vacation, or day outing you've taken that you'd rate a perfect 10? Tell us why.

A few years ago when we drove down to Florida to visit my aunt.  We stopped along the way to see family and friends in different states.  I'd say it was a perfect 10 because we had safe travels and everyone stayed healthy.  It was a relaxed time just enjoying each other's company and having lots of fun. It was the first time in a long while that I could tolerate being in the car for that long due to my dizziness.

6. What quote or saying perfectly sums up your life right now? If you can't do perfect, how about one that comes close?

7. How would you spend $300 today?

I would book a hotel for a night out at the end of the island.  I'd take my husband and kids for a day away from it all and to listen to the ocean waves. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Yes, you are right, we spring forward this weekend. My body doesn't adjust as well to this time change for some reason. Your plans for the imaginary $300 sounds wonderful. Hoping you can still do that!

  2. Awwwww, so sweet to want to take your family away on your $300. I like your number 6. That's the way to live.

  3. Loved your random thought! I've done that!

    And Romans 12:12. Beautiful and so very true. Just how God wants us to function. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I so agree with you on #2. And for #1, I like a clean house and everything in its place, but right now I have too much of everything and not enough of place. And THAT's ridiculous, because this is a big house. It's the books. It's always the books. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Theresa. xo

  5. Oh, I could have answered #1 the exact same way. Goodness, I'm a cleaning freak! Love your quote! Happy rest of the week!

  6. Commenting as someone who just came from Pinterest where I went for 'just a minute' to have a look at something and an hour later....

    I love your quote!

  7. I agree, I like everything in its place only I have to many things to find places for....LOL! I love your quote. Your random is so true, I lose hours there all the time.


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