Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wednesday's Stopping To Smell Pink Roses Hodgepodge

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1. This time last year where were you?

I was home.  I just checked my planner and there wasn't anything written in.  It was the last week of our school year so I was probably doing paperwork.

2. In honor of National Pink Day (June 23rd) tell us your favorite pink food or beverage. Was it on the menu at your house yesterday? Do you like to wear the color pink? If we came to visit would we find this color in your home decor? Blush-fuschia-salmon-raspberry-your favorite shade of pink?

Watermelon, even though it is usually red, sometimes it is pink.  No, it wasn't on my menu yesterday.  We bought one a few weeks ago but it wasn't sweet so I think we have to wait a few more weeks.  I like to wear pink if it bright, I look washed out in pale pinks.  I use pink in my spring and summer decor, like the artificial flowers I have on my dining room table.  Fuschia is my favorite shade of pink.  It is my go to nail polish for my toes :)

3. Stop and smell the roses, looking through rose colored glasses, a rose by any other name, not all moonlight and roses, no rose without a thorn...which rosy saying currently fits your life in some way? Explain.

Stop and smell the roses.  I think this has been a good time to do that.  With being at home more and things forced to slow down or come to a stop there is plenty of time to appreciate the everyday things we often take for granted.

4. Are you a 'reader'? Do you tend to read lighter books in the summer months? Do you have a summer reading list? If so, give us a title or two.

Yes, to some degree.  Right now the books I am reading for the summer are not lighter.  I have a mental reading list.  I am reading Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss, Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick, The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel and Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. I am doing a book study on Idols of the Heart and Trusting God is a reread.  I have read it several times but it is still excellent every time.  I also started reading in the book of John and hope to get through Revelation by the end of the summer.

5. Share with us one rose and one thorn from your weekend.

Our church reopened for Sunday Worship Service.  We had to wear masks and it isn't easy trying to sing and breathe through a mask.  Still I am thankful, even with the many restrictions in place, to gather in person with the saints to worship.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Today we enter Phase 3 of reopening.  That means there is some indoor dining allowed, and nail salons and other cosmetic procedures are allowed; all with restrictions like limited capacity.  It is not unusual to see women sitting outside of salons while their color is being processed these days.  My husband texted me the other day saying there was a woman sitting outside with foil on her head, lol!   


  1. That's why I am not sure I want to go to my salon just yet....sitting outside with my hair full of color does not appeal

  2. We had some similar answers. I guess it would be a shocker for a man to see a woman outside with foil in her hair LOL. Hope you have a great day :)

  3. Funny as I was reading this, I'm at lunch at work at my desk eating watermelon. Not quite as sweet as I like, but getting closer than the last one I had.

  4. I've had a mixture of super sweet and not that great in the watermelon department this year. It's one of my favorite foods, pink or otherwise, and its so disappointing to open one up and see it's not really ripe. Your books sound interesting. I'm just starting one called Christians in the Age of Outrage: How to Bring Our Best When the World is at it's Worst by Ed Stetzer. Sounded timely. Raspberry is my go to toe polish shade. Enjoy your day!

  5. We went to church too for the 2nd time. We have to wear mask and our temps. were taken. Only 100 people at each service. I need to get a hair cut and I color my own hair when I am up to it.

  6. That's too funny what you shared about the lady in foil! Your book list looks very interesting and I'm going to check them out. Our church has been open for several weeks, social distancing is practiced strictly, but masks are optional.

  7. I wish I liked watermelon. I don't know what it is about me and melons lol!

    My state is about to enter Phase 4 and as much as I would love a pedicure, I'm still leery about going anywhere I don't need to.

  8. Your #6 made me laugh. We do need to hang onto our sense of humor these days, don't we?

    I like the font you used for your replies. It's a nice contrast to the font of the questions, makes them stand out well.


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