Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Purse Giveaway

3328_largeI am so excited about this giveaway.  It’s been so much fun celebrating one year of blogging, I wanted to keep it going. 

Have you heard of thirty-one?!cid_image001_gif@01CB5274It is a faith-based direct sales company that makes personalized handbags, totes, children's items and home organizing decor.

Their mission is “to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners.”

One of those business owners is Janice Bogy.  6567Janice has so generously donated one Demi Purse for my giveaway, with your pattern of choice.  They are all so cute, I know it will be difficult to choose.

The Demi is a small purse option to use for work, day trips, or vacations. Great for those who do not want to carry everything-and-the-kitchen-sink. Measures approx. 10.5"L x 5"D x 9"H and comes in 5 different fabric options. Retails for $29.


In addition to purses, thirty-one has many great items.  Thermal totes, wristlets, coin purses, baby products, blankets, baskets and much more.  They offer embroidery on most of the items.  What great gift ideas.  Visit Janice’s website and browse the catalog.  You will be delighted with what you see. 

To enter this giveaway, visit Janice’s website and browse her catalog.  Let me know what pattern you would choose for the Demi Purse and mention one other product that you love.  Don’t forget to leave me your e-mail. 

The winner will be selected on Friday using  I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

P.S. Have you entered to win the Starbuck’s giveaway?  If not, click here.



  1. Theresa,

    What awesome products! Thanks for directing us there--beautiful! I would select the floral fanfare for the "Demi" and I really, really love the Skirt Purse. It's so lovely with the brown leather accent! Enjoy your day and Happy Anniversary :) (Tinatopia)

  2. I just stopped by to wish you a happy iFellowship day! What an awesome giveaway! Thirty One purses are so cute!!! I love the Floral Fanfare! So cute!!

  3. They are so lovely, I sure would like one, they would add to any collection for sure, hugs Barbara

  4. i love the peacock paisley pattern!
    eapwanee @ gmail . com

  5. Floral fanfare? Okay, all of them. ;) My favorite product is definitely the city skirt purse. Brilliant idea!

  6. One year of blogging?!! Congratulations!

    I'm not entering but I just wanted to say that!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. How cute is that! I love the Boho patchwork. I stopped by from iFellowship.

  8. to choose just one favorite...I think I'm totally digging the Large Utility Tote. That would make trips to Sam's Club so much easier! :o) I'd opt for the Peacock Paisley (trivia moment: Did you know paisley was first called Persian Pickle?) in the totes and the DemiPurse. Thanks so much! And Happy iFellowship day! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  9. I just missed a party for this looks great...what wonderful ideas God is bring from so many women...I hope this company does well!!!

  10. I like the onyx medallion. The about the town blanket would be so useful.

  11. I love the purses! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  12. I love the purses! I'm a bag-a-holic, so anyone who feeds my addiction is definitely a good friend! :)

    Stopping by to say "Hi" from iFellowship! So glad you linked up today - I love meeting new people!

    Ashley Pichea

  13. I haven't heard of this company! I looked at the catalog and there are so many beautiful items! I really like the black skirt purse. The peacock paisley demi purse is the one I hope to win!! :)

  14. I have heard of the company, but I've never had a chance to see their products. Thanks fo rthe great giveaway. I'd love the Onyx Medallion. It is so cute! I also love the hard wallet in Onyx Medallion, too.

  15. I like the Sandra pattern...and the jewelry rolls are such a nice idea!

    Thanks for the entry! :)

  16. I was just at our library's quarter auction and they had these bags...

    I love the onyx medallion!

  17. I like the peacock paisley. And I love the medium tote to carry all of my papers to the office! Thanks for a great giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed. God Bless.

  18. I like the fanfare floral design.

    I am definitely in love with the around town blanket!!


  19. I like floral fanfare and the wallets and everything else I see!! SUPER CUTE!!

  20. Congrats on one year of blogging! I hang my head in the "wall of shame". My blogging is sporatic, haha!! I've heard of this company -- great products! My vote is for floral fanfare. And I also like the "organizing shoulder bag" in the floral fanfare pattern as well!!

  21. I gotta say it is a toss-up between the floral fanfare and the boho patchwork paisley.
    I really like the citi-weekender.

  22. I love the Floral Fanfare tote :)
    jerod and christelle at yahoo dot come


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