Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is sunny and warm. I am still waiting for the cooler temperatures during the day. It is cool in the morning and at night but inbetween it gets quite warm.

I am thinking... what am I going to make for dinner?

I am thankful for... good family and friends.

From the learning rooms... math, spelling, phonics, penmanship, reading, and we learned about Massachusetts as part of our states and capitals study.

From the kitchen... for lunch we had penne with leftover marinara sauce that I used to make pizza yesterday. I have no clue what I am making tonight but better think of something fast!

I am wearing... khaki shorts and a pink polo.

I am going... to lunch with friends, book club, soccer and church this week.

I am reading... the Bible, "Lies Women Believe".

I am hearing... the fan. I told you it was warm today ;)

One of my favorite things: pumpkin spice lattes. I went to order one today at Starbuck's- decaf with soy- and just before handing it to me the nice barista told me that the pumpkin spice contains condensed milk. I had to refuse it since I am not supposed to have cow's milk. I saved myself $4.75 anyway ;) Well really I have a gift card to use so it isn't my money. Now I will have to make my own and figure out a milk free version. I was thinking of sprinkling pumpkin pie spice on the coffee right before I brew it or maybe just replacing the milk with soy or almond milk in this recipe.

Have a great week :)

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  1. I love the cooler nights. This is my favorite time of the year!!! A pumpkin spice latte sounds good. Mmmm

  2. Same here, cooler morning and evenings, but warms up during the day. I'm ready for fall!!!

    Well, you not only saved yourself money but whole lotta calories. Condensed milk, wow! I love pumpkin and may have to get some pumpkin flavored coffee for my Keurig.

    Happy week!

  3. I'm ready for fall too, Theresa! I love it when the weather finally starts cooling down and we can open the windows and hear the crickets.
    Pumpkin good!

  4. Oh no!! I hate that you weren't able to have the pumpkin spice latte!!! :( That's my favorite! Did you see that Starbuck's has pumpkin spice in their Via instant coffee? Maybe it doesn't have any milk products in it? It would be worth checking!

  5. I am also working my way slowly through "Lies Women Believe". I am doing this during by lunch breaks at work along with a study of Isaiah that my daughter wanted to start with me. I'm doing better with the Isaiah study 'cause I am accountable. The book is going much slower.


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