Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Still Summer Hodgepodge

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1. It's National Waffle Day (August 24th)...what decision are you currently 'waffling over'? (or share one you've recently 'waffled over')

Choosing curriculum for the upcoming school year.  I think I've made a decision, just have to make the actual purchase. 

2. It's the middle of August, but I'm already seeing lots of autumn-related posts. Do you think we rush the seasons? If so, does that bother you? I saw (here) an end of summer bucket list that included-

make s'mores, read a new (or favorite) book in the park, eat something delicious and bad for you at a state fair, be a tourist for the day, have a pot luck picnic, book a last minute summer getaway, relax by or in the pool, take a hike to watch the sunset, have a day on the lake, try a new summer recipe

Which activities on the list might you squeeze in before summer officially comes to a close? 

Yes, I think we rush the seasons and it bothers me big time.  We don't start school here until September so we still have a few weeks of summer left.  I would love to squeeze in a last minute summer getaway, but realistically I will probably relax by the pool. 

3. Your favorite summertime 'art' found in nature?

Finding seashells along the beach, does that count?

4. Stephen R. Covey is quoted as saying 'We judge ourselves by our intentions, and others by their actions.' Agree or no? Do you define yourself based on your intentions, your actions, or something else? 

I don't agree.  I think I judge myself by actions as well. 

5. Are you useful in a crisis? Elaborate. 

I'd like to think so.  I may get an initial burst of panic but then will jump right in and do what needs to be done.

6. What's been your go-to dish this summer? Is it something you'll continue making as the seasons change?

Chicken parts cooked on the grill, either with BBQ sauce or hot sauce.  Yes, I will continue making this as the seasons change, although once it isn't too hot to put the oven on I will start roasting whole chickens. 

7. Adult coloring books are a thing now. Have you jumped on the bandwagon? If not is this something you think you might enjoy?

I think it is a great idea.  I haven't actually bought my own, but colored in my daughter's and printed out a coloring sheet from my laptop.  I enjoy coloring and would like to buy an adult coloring book.  There are so many choices I just haven't decided on one yet.  My son commented that I look so content when I color :)

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Happy August & Late Summer :)


  1. I have always admired Moms who homeschool. I don't think it's something I could have done, but have friends who can't imagine doing otherwise. And, with today's public schools, I think for some families it leaves them no choice. I do trust this will be a good year for you and your kiddos.

  2. In the south school begins so early, in what I consider the middle of summer. My daughter started setting up her new classroom July 25th-crazy! Teachers reported August 9th. I think this contributes to rushing fall because once school starts it does kind of feel like summer's end. I love late summer and Labor Day weekend is always one of my favorites. Have a great day!

  3. There are some really nice coloring books at the Christian bookstore, such as Mardel. I bought mine there and they had quite a selection. What I like about them is they have Bible verses in with the pictures.

    I can't imagine making decisions about curriculum for school and glad I don't have to. ;-)

  4. I am the same with number 5, especially if it is my own family member.
    Enjoy Summer my friend!

  5. I love finding seashells, and absolutely consider them art!
    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  6. Hats off to you and homeschooling! Like Libby, I am quite sure I could not have done it but I sure understand the reasoning behind it. It's very popular here. Enjoyable answers!

  7. Finding seashells along the beach sounds like art to me, certainly God's artwork. Your time of relaxing beside the pool sounds like a close second to a getaway. Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  8. Oh I agree, we rush summer out the door too fast! I hate that school starts for us in August. Oh school curriculum I worked with my daughter in law on that this year! I use to love helping home schoolers find the right thing for this kids...I miss home schooling. As for helping you with your decor..wouldn't that be fun? I pray all is well with you and yours!!! Husbands business is going well also.

  9. Finding seashells sounds perfect to me!


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