Sunday, May 2, 2010

My First Yard Sale

I have been working on spring cleaning and realizing how much stuff I have that we do not use. I found tons of my clothes that I have not even looked at since we moved over six years ago. I couldn't think of anyone who was that size that could use them so I hoped they would go at the yard sale. I also had lots of household items, books, stuffed animals, toys, kids' shoes, curtains, CDs, videos, computer games and jewelry (mostly earrings and pins). I posted signs in the neighborhood and listed on Craig's List. I stated the time for the sale was 10-4. Well at about 8:45, the first people started coming. I didn't even have all of the boxes out of the house yet. One of my first customers bought $11 worth of stuff and only had a $100 bill. We were able to get her change though as she patiently waited. The weather was beautiful so I sat on my front lawn and enjoyed it. We met lots of really nice people and chatted with some of them. One man asked if I had any old tools and as I was explaining my husband doesn't like to get rid of anything, my husband came out. It turns out it was one of his old friends he met at church several years ago. They enjoyed catching up. By 4:00 I was getting tired but it was so nice out I decided to stay a while longer. I did get another customer after 4. I sold a lot of things and made a good amount of money. I still had lots to box up after the sale. Maybe another yard sale in a couple of months? It was kind of fun!


  1. Hello friend,

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  2. We must have been on the same wavelenght this weekend- I too had my first yardsale! :)

    It's so exciting to win something- especially something as cool as what Sarah Mae gives away! :)

    Yay for you! Thanks for stopping by!


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