Monday, July 11, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is sunny and hot. I need to be in the A/C or in a pool.

I am thinking... I have to get that laundry started. It is hot downstairs where my washer and dryer are so I don't look forward to it. Maybe I'll have to find a fan.

I am thankful for... a family where there is a lot of love.

From the learning rooms... it is nice to be on summer break.

From the kitchen... yesterday I made homemade whole wheat pizza. Since it is too hot for the oven I will throw something on the grill for dinner.

I am wearing... black bermudas and a persimmon colored crew neck.

I am going... to the dentist for a consult today. I need to get some work done and have been putting it off for a long time.

I am reading... the Bible, Womanly Dominion: More than a Meek and Gentle Spirit by Mark Chanski, The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson, Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George.

I am hearing... the A/C, birds chirping. The kids are outside with my hubby so it is really quiet. Well the door just squeaked and my hubby came in to get something- LOL.

One of my favorite things... getting take out and going to the beach. We are planning that for tomorrow so I don't have to cook on my birthday.

A picture for sharing... the picnic area of the beach we go to. Photo credit here.

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  1. Theresa, it's nice to catch up a little & hear how you are doing! Homemade pizza it probably my favorite meal (well, really any pizza other than a cheap frozen one)... grilling out sounds nice too- as it is hot here also! Happy Birthday tomorrow!! :) How fun- my birthday is Thursday!

  2. Hi, Theresa,
    Yes it is hot out there today! I just got back in from hanging clothes. Whew!
    Your pizza sounds good! We grilled out burgers last night. They were so good.
    That's a beautiful picnic area.
    Hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow!! :)

  3. your plans for tomorrow sound so nice!!!!! happy early birthday! :) i'm sorry u had to go to the dentist today. yuck!!!

  4. Oh the beach...can I please go? I need the beach.
    Sounds like a great day...sorry about the dentist.

  5. I haven't stopped by for a long time !!! I just put your button on my sidebar. I'll make sure I come by more often !!!!


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