Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.
1. The Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday night...will you be watching? If you could see just one event in person which one would you pick?

Probably not. I do like to watch gymnastics. I find it amazing how they do that!

2.Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

Both. I feel rested at first but then I start feeling underproductive so I start doing something. It is hard for me to have a lazy day AND night.

3. July 25th is 'officially' Threading the Needle Day...can you sew? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being Betsy Ross-like, how would you rate your skill with a needle and thread?

I am a 1. I can sew if I have to, but it isn't neat. I wouldn't sew anything other than pajamas or something that isn't worn in public. I do have a sewing machine although I only used it when I took a quilting class years ago. That quilt is still waiting to be finished ;)

4. 'Threading the Needle' can also mean to walk a fine line between two things or issues (think awkward social situation). When was the last time you had to 'thread the needle', figuratively speaking?

I can't think of a time. Joyce stumped me on this question! I bet after I read a bunch of other hodgepodges I might have a better idea- LOL!

5. Kidney, pinto, black, or navy...your favorite bean?

I like black beans when they are mixed with ground beef and on top of nachos.

6. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? Was it more success or bust?

Yes, twice. It was a success to me because I got rid of stuff and made some money.

7. What makes you roll your eyes?

Parents who act like they aren't the parent and give in to their children in public. Yesterday there was a woman with two small children at Kohl's. They were having a temper tantrum and when I looked next the mother was outside of the store while the kids were playing with the handicapped door opener. She was standing there waiting while they did what they wanted which was obviously the cause of their temper tantrum. Prime example of child centered parenting. Okay, I am done rolling my eyes.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

My echocardiogram came back normal :) Thank you to all who prayed.


  1. Giving into kids -- I've seen that happen and it annoys me a lot! Parents let their kids have too much reign sometimes!

  2. Good answer on #2. So true! Black beans are my favorite. That is wonderful news on your test. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. I would have been rolling my eyes right along with you yesterday at Kohls :)

  4. I would have totally rolled my eyes at that too - when I was teaching I would have kids yell at their parents (in front of me) and then the PARENT WOULD APOLOGIZE to the student!! Even as an adult I would never yell at my parents! Giant eye roll! Um, and I am totally amazed every time i watch gymnastics - how do they do that?! I mean, seriously, I can hardly do a cartwheel! :)

  5. So glad your test came back with good news!

  6. Theresa, I didn't know you were having a test done. I've been so bad about connecting to our GMG group but I haven't had any e-mails from anyone else since I shared about my daughter. I wonder if I am missing e-mails?

    Glad to hear that your test came back good.


  7. Glad your test came back good. It can be very hard to watch how parents interact with their children at times and not roll your eyes or want to say someting.
    I love your blog background it is very cute! New?

  8. Glad your test came back normal what a relief....I totally agree with your #7 so ridiculous some parenting skills or lack of. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Black beans ... the absolute best. My boys will only eat that kind and I am completely fine with it.

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to dip into some serious goodness. It is always a joy to splash along with a fellow homeschool momma.


  10. Hi Theresa! How are you? I feel like it has been forever. Love reading your answers as usual. I prefer black beans too. ;) I am getting back into this blogging thing on a regular basis. So fun ! =)


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