Monday, August 9, 2010

Completing Him Marriage Challenge

completehimbuttonThis week’s challenge from Courtney at Women Living Well is “Kiss Him Like You Mean It”.  I think it is pretty self explanatory, but I will leave all the details and explaining to Courtney since she did such a thorough job.  To read more visit Courney’s blog Women Living Well.



  1. Love this...I'll have to hop over to see what she has to say, cuz I just love kissin my man like I mean (it's the only way to kiss him, teehee)...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and you can come to any party at my house anytime, since I know you'd bring a swimsuit, lol! And's the ONLY way to survive a Texas Scorcher, that's for sure!

  2. thanks for sharing the link to Courtney's blog! all of your completing him challenges have been so worthwhile! my husband has loved them, even though he doesn't know i was prompted to do those things :)

  3. I love that you didn't elaborate.
    Thanks for you modesty.
    But all I have to say is do I have to?

  4. Just stopping by to say hi! :) I'm all for modesty in that area too.

    If you would like me to add your blog button to my Awesome Blogs page - - just let me know.
    Lisa xoxo

  5. I saw this challenge yesterday. I think it's great that Courtney is encouraging us to be the wives our husbands need and want. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks...I have heard to kiss him when he leaves so passionately that he can't wait to get back. What a joy for a man to know he is wanted back home at the end of the day.
    I visualize the kissing in the Family Man at the front porch
    Then there are those times that kissing in front of your kids and they start to giggle...later yell, get a room...what a joy for them to see loving parents
    Thanks for the can slip away so easily!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love this marriage challenge...I will definitely be back to poke around.

    I grew up on LI too! We lived in Hampton Bays and that's where we visited this past weekend (and my best friend in Shoreham). We stayed right by MacArthur and I will never do that again, lol! I miss my family/friends soooo much but I've been in FL for most of my adult life and it feels more like "home" now - kind of sad to say that but it's true! I bet we end up back in the Northeast in a few years...our oldest starts kindergarten and I am not looking forward to the FL education system. I think that might end up being the catalyst to us moving back North!

    I hope you have a blessed day :) I'll be back to read more!


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