Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Amanda. I hope to get more creative the more I participate :)

Top Ten Reasons Scotty McCreery Should Win American Idol

1. He sticks to his convictions.

2. He takes responsibility. Remember in the auditions the one group kicked out that young boy. Scotty apologized on stage for not sticking up for him and being a man.

3. He wouldn't go along with Lady Gaga. Instead he kissed his cross.

4. When asked about him and Lauren being an item he said no, they are like brother and sister. How sweet!

5. His idol is a country star who stays true to his Christian faith, even with all that drinking that is around him.

6. When the judges are speaking to him after a performance he can hear him saying "thank you, thank you very much". Such good manners!

7. When told to change it up a bit, he still stayed true to who he is.

8. Have you heard that boy sing?

9. He is an all American boy. At least what an all American boy used to be!

10. Can't wait to see his reaction when he wins (and his parents too)!
Anyone else looking forward to watching tonight?


  1. I am totally rooting for Scotty!!!!!! So is Princess A....she likes how he sings "letters from home" heheheh

  2. OK - cracking up!
    I have been a Lauren Alaina fan since she was first on, but I love Scotty too and now you almost have me switching.
    No matter who wins I hope they both make it but instead of pop, more country Christian.
    He was so sweet when he allowed Lauren to decide if she would like to go first or not.
    I also feel like Lauren has carried herself well and I haven't seen every episode, but I feel like she has been modestly dressed.

  3. Well I do not watch that, so really have no idea what you are talking about, lol have a very blessed day though, and hope your day is good.


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