Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Amanda. I hope to get more creative the more I participate :)

Top Ten Foods For The BBQ/Grill

1. Hamburgers- really is there anything better than some good ground chuck? I like mine plain or sometimes mixed with Lee and Perins.

2. Hot Dogs- okay so they are not the best thing for you...unless you use Trader Joe's Uncured Beef Hot Dogs with no nitrates. Their turkey dogs are good too. Every once in a while though there is nothing like a Nathan's or Sabrett!

3. London Broil- is there any other steak so great for the grill? I like dipping mine in sauce made out of mayo, ketchup and parsley.

4. Chicken Legs- marinated in Italian dressing or with BBQ sauce is my favorite.

5. Sweet Sausage- served with peppers and onions on Italian bread.

6. Peppers- yellow, orange and red are my favorite.

7. Zuchini- tossed with olive oil and some basil.

8. Corn on the Cob- I have heard of so many ways to make it? Throw it on with the husk, remove the husk...which way do you cook it?

9. Baked Beans- well on the side burner of the grill :)

10. Marshmellows- does anyone else get as excited as I do for toasting marshmellows? We have a gas grill so have to make our own little grill with charcoal just for the marshmellows. Last night we used a foil pie plate on top of a couple of huge stones. It worked really well. My son had it all over his face to prove it!


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