Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Amanda. I hope to get more creative the more I participate :)

Top Ten Household Items Kids Love To Play With (and they are free)

1- Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls

2- Empty laundry basket

3- Empty boxes

4- Blankets for making capes

5- Pots and Pans

6- Empty gallon milk containers

7- Ice cubes

8- Shaving cream

9- Feather dusters

10- Spray bottle with vinegar and water to clean the mirrors

Really, there are plenty of things for them to do all summer that don't cost a penny and can be done at home. What is your favorite?


  1. My kids were playing with tp and wrapping paper rolls today! They served as musical instruments, and then weapons. Tehe! =)

  2. With our 100 degree weather it has been the SPRINKLER!! =)

  3. Water...anything having to do with water!
    These are great...just a good reminder of how children really don't need all the things we think they do.

  4. this is great! who needs toys!


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