Thursday, June 23, 2011

Truth for Thursday

Today we will review Chapter 5 : "Womanly Dominion In The New Testament". I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this :)

Chanski gives us four examples of women who took dominion in the New Testament. This week we will look at the third, Phoebe.

In Romans 16, Paul describes Phoebe as a servant in the church and that she had been a helper to many, himself included. "She was probably the courier carrying Paul's epistle to the Romans, traveling from Corinth to Rome" (Chanski, page 90). Based on her background, being named after a pagan moon godess, it is almost certain that she was an idolater, who had been adopted into the family of God. Now converted she was a mighty servant in the kingdom of God. She provided lodging, hospitality, and used her wealth to extend the kingdom (Chanski, page 90).

Paul did not descibe Phoebe as a leader, elder, or overseer. Instead he describes her as a "servant of the church. "This term identifies her as "helper", "attendent", "one who waits on tables". Was this term used by the apostle as an expression of chauvinistic degradaton toward this precious female saint? To the contrary, this term was selected to give Phoebe the ultimate commendation!" (Chanski, page 92).

Chanski writes, "Dear ladies, beware of worldly feminism and its perversions which brazenly shout into the doors and windows of the modern church that biblical church order is abusive to women and that any restictions from leadership are demeaning" (page 92). Let's serve the church like Phoebe!


  1. I've got to get this book, Theresa!

    When I was younger, I would find myself irritated with the male hierarchy of the church. It's not a chauvanistic thing with them. I truly believe it's biblically based and God's will for us, as women, to serve in a different capacity than the men. I keep going back to that verse in Genesis where God tells Eve her desire will be for her husband, but he will rule over her. It's that desire to lead that's innate in us, yet not God's will for us. Hope that makes sense. I'm not sure I articulated it well.

    Great post! Happy Thursday! ☺

  2. Oh how the church needs more servant I look back on my own child hood and the women in our church it is the ones with the servant's hearts that I still recall....makes me think this morning...I see their wonderful faces and smiles as they lovingly served.

  3. I really enjoyed this Theresa, and oh to be like Pheobe, she was a Godly servant, and I want to have a servants heart as she did, thanks for this message, Hugs Barbara


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