Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

I am linking up today for Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce.

1. St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated this coming Saturday...what's a favorite article of clothing you own that contains a touch o' the green?

I have many teal shirts and a forest green one. Does a pocketbook count? If so, I have a big light green one that I bought at TJ Maxx and I love. The only thing I ever find at TJ Maxx is shoes and pocketbooks :)

2. What's a favorite 'green space' in the town, state, or province where you live?

The ocean which is about 20 minutes away. Here in my town we have a beach that faces the Long Island Sound and it is really beautiful. There are lots of other parks and beaches that have walking trails too.

3. Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or think you're just about right in the height department?

I am 5' 7" which is just right for me. I used to want to be taller so I could wear super high heels but those days are over ;)

4. What's the surest way for someone to pick a fight with you?

Say something negative about someone in my family. I am loyal and very protective of those I love!

5. Broccoli-Spinach-String Beans-Peas...of the four, your favorite green veg? (Or the one you dislike the least if that first option's too hard. I just know there's some veggie haters out there.)

Broccoli is my favorite. I only like baby spinach in a salad. Green beans and peas are okay. I try to eat them to get my greens in.

6. March is National Women's History Month...besides friends, neighbors and the women you're related to, who's a woman in history you admire and why?

Susanna Wesley. What an amaming woman! You can read more about why here.7.

Keep Calm and ____________on.
You fill in the blank.

"Carry". Keep Calm and Carry on.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I didn't appreciate losing an hour of sleep for daylight savings time, but sure am now. It is almost 6:00 and the sun is just starting to go down. I am sitting in my year while chicken cooks on the BBQ and listening to the birds. You can hear all of the children out playing- what a sweet sound :)

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  1. I am also 5'7" and used to wear ridiculously tall platforms! Now I like my height and wear flats.
    You always find the cutest vintage layouts!


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