Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it is warm and beautiful. I have the windows open and there is a gentle breeze coming in. We will be going out soon so the kids can play.

I am thinking... I can't wait for my daughter to finish her schoolwork so I can feel the warm sun on my face.

I am thankful for... the changing weather. I love that we have four seasons here. Even though fall is my favorite, there is something nice about when spring comes along.

From the learning rooms... our regular schedule today.

From the kitchen... I am planning on making an Irish Soda Bread later. I made one yesterday but it wasn't my normal recipe and it wasn't nearly as good. You can find the recipe I love here.

I am wearing... black pants and a coral colored short sleeve v-neck.

I am going... ladies' book club this week.

I am reading... the Bible and a lot of egg free and dairy free cookbooks.

I am hearing... the next door neighbor's dog barking.

One of my favorite things: Irish Soda Bread with soft butter. Here is a picture of the one I made last year:

This year I will have to replace the egg with a substitute.
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  1. I have made soda bread before, so I am going to try your recipe and see if it is better. Have a good day.

  2. We are greatly enjoying this wonderful weather too! Blessings on your day.

  3. this weather is beautiful! i love enjoying four seasons too! :) i have never made irish soda bread. do you normally make it around this time of year?

  4. I've never tried Irish Soda bread, either. It does look like something we would eat, because we love carbs!

    I love it when the weather is where we can open a window. This is my favorite time of year!

  5. Yum, Irish Soda bread! Tell me how your egg free/dairy free recipe turns out!


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