Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Really Great Hodpepodge

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1.July 15th is National Give Something Away Day.  What can you give away? Will you?

I have lots to give away as I am cleaning out my storage areas.  Yes I will give away clothes, toys and baby items.  I'm not sure if I will give anything away on July 15th, but I have been giving away things for the past few weeks and will be giving away more this week.

2. Do you have a mantra? Please share with the class if you feel comfortable doing so.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

3. Who does the grocery shopping in your house? How many times a week do you shop? Do you make a list or pray for inspiration in the produce aisle?

My husband does most of the grocery shopping.  Usually once a week with maybe a quick stop once or twice during the week.  I make a list after looking through the circulars and coupons.  For the most part, I plan what we will eat according to what is on sale.

4. Is there a TV show you're embarrassed to say you watch? You're going to tell us what it is, right?

I like to watch judge shows like Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Faith, etc.  Some of the cases are so ridiculous but for some reason I find it all really interesting ;)  Maybe because at one point I actually wanted to be a lawyer?

5. A recent article listed fifteen words we should eliminate from our (written) vocabulary in order to sound smarter-

that, went, honestly, absolutely, very, really, amazing, always, never, literally, just, maybe, stuff, things, and irregardless

Of the fifteen, which word is your most overused?

I would say really.  I often use it as a question....really?

6. So apparently dying your hair gray (in your youth!) is a thing right now. It's called 'The Granny Hair' trend. Your thoughts? 

Really?  Absolutely ridiculous.  What will they think up next?

7. A while back Buzz Feed asked members to share the most beautiful sentence they've read in a piece of literature. A hard thing to narrow down, at least for me, but let's try. What's one of the most beautiful sentences you've ever read in a piece of literature?

This is a really difficult question.  I am almost embarrassed to admit it...but I haven't read a book that is literature in a long time.  I had to use Google for help.

""Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."  by William Shakespeare in Hamlet

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Today is Amazon Prime Day.  There should be some really great deals going on.  I have my eye on a monogram necklace and I hope I can find a good deal.  I love Amazon Prime and think it is well worth $99 a year.  



  1. I say 'really' a lot too! I think most of us do, you hear it uttered everyday. Anyway the granny hair thing sounds ridiculous to me. Judge Jusy can be scary. I like a few reality shows but not the doo drama ones Hope you're having a great summer so far.

  2. I have yet to take the Amazon Prime plunge. I keep thinking about it...not sure why I haven't. I use, 'Really' as a question too. And the gray hair? I have to wonder what they'll say when they have it naturally. LOL

  3. Hubby told me he'll probably being buying some stuff today. I haven't even checked it yet, but probably will before the day is over. We really like Amazon Prime too.

  4. I was just looking at some of the Amazon Prime deals. Too bad we don't need another TV! Have a great day! Really!

  5. I've never watched any of the judge shows. We seem to watch less and less TV in general these days. I guess I need to check Amazon Prime today : )

  6. I too think Amazon Prime is well worth it and it has been a great convenience to me for things I would normally have to drive around to find. I will pull up my wish list and see what I can do! I watched Judge Judy a few times. She is something else! There were some crazy, selfish people on those shows.

  7. That's a perfect Mantra.
    We keep talking about getting amazon prime but haven't done it yet!

  8. So glad you got your necklace. I really have had time today to check it out, so guess I'd better go do that. :o)) I've seen the "judge shows" a few times and they get on my nerves so badly. Happy mid-week!

  9. I have Amazon Prime, too, and I enjoy it. I restrained myself and didn't buy a thing, yesterday!

  10. Hi,
    I was not able to get to doing the Hodgepodge this week, but wanted to stop in.
    I totally agree with you regarding Amazon Prime!
    Have a great week, and I love your background. FUN!


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