Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stars, Cookie Dough and Your Smiling Face Hodgepodge

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1. On Saturday July 4th America celebrates her Independence. (If you're not American,  feel free to answer in terms of a national holiday in your own country) What is your favorite thing about the day? Your favorite food on the 4th? Do you fly a flag at your house? Fireworks-yay or nay? Any special plans this year?

I love the 4th of July.  My daughter and I paint our toes with red, white and blue.  My favorite food is a good old cheeseburger hot off the BBQ.  Yes, we fly a flag at our house.  After this winter our flag was torn and needed to be taken down.  I haven't replaced it but will put out flags that I can stick into the ground.  Yay for fireworks.  Our usual plans have changed for this year so I'm not sure what we will be doing yet.  

2. What's something you recently got for free?

A $5 gift card from Target.  Technically it wasn't free because it was a promotion I received when I purchased another item but still it is free $5 to spend.  

3.  The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, or Mount many on the list have you seen? What is your favorite historical American monument, and why? 

I think I went to the Liberty Bell as a child but don't remember it.  I've never been to any of the listed, even though I live in New York.  I've seen The Statue of Liberty from a distance but never actually took the ferry there.  I'd say that is my favorite because there is just something about seeing her in the beautiful skyline.  

4. When it comes to the news are you more ostrich (stick my head in the sand) or hog (they have room to take a whole lot in)? How much attention have you given the recent news reports regarding ISIS and the acts of terror they've perpetrated against those who do not share their beliefs or support their cause?

I am more ostrich.  The news can really affect me so I try to limit it.  I like to know what is going on but try not to become engrossed in it.  I haven't given much attention to the recent news but I know it is happening.  

5. We're talking plain ice cream...vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Choose one.

Vanilla.  I love ice cream and all three flavors.  Sometimes I crave chocolate and strawberry is nice if it is an all natural brand.  I don't need to be in the mood for vanilla, you can never go wrong with that choice.  I eat coconut "ice cream" since going mostly dairy free and my favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough.  It is gluten free too!  

6. Share a song you love containing the word 'stars' in the lyrics or title?

"Your Smiling Face" by James Taylor.  One of the lyrics is:

"And I thank my lucky stars that you are who you are,
and not just another lovely lady set out to break my heart."

7. Describe and/or say goodbye to June with an acrostic. 

Okay, I love doing acrostic poems with my students and I could spend hours trying to come up with something, but I'm going with the first thing that comes to mind.

J- just day after day waiting for summer to come

U- usual days of racing to the end of the school year
N- now it's past and summer is here
E- endured, pressed on and met my goals!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

 "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

I have a heavy heart as we head towards the 4th of July.  This nation is going further and further from what it was founded upon.  I pray for the future of our country.  


  1. Perfect response to random thought. I pray Christians will get on their knees and pray. Let's pray seriously and earnestly for our nation. It is sliding down the slippery slope of lawlessness.

  2. Good acrostic. Whatever you choose to do I hope you enjoy the 4th of July.

  3. Love JT -- great song choice! I saw him live about 15 years ago and his voice was just as good as when he was young. Heard him recently singing live on the radio and it is just the same. Amazing!

  4. Enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge answers. It's funny how we tend not to do the touristy things in our own environments. I took the ferry past the Statue of Liberty on a grade 11 school trip, the only time I've been to NYC. And I understand your heavy heart for America. It's not just America that is moving further and further away from God; I think it's true of most 'western' nations. But prayer is an effective weapon and godly Americans (and Canadians) are not remaining silent.

  5. HI! wow that ice cream looks so delicious! We went to the liberty bell several years ago, we didn't think it was located in appropriate place and i thought it was going to be much bigger. I have been to the other three but have to yet go to Mt. Rushmore.

  6. We don't seem all that humble at the moment, but I do love that verse and the fact that God does not leave us without hope. My heart is also heavy for our nation. You should definitely take a field trip to Lady Liberty!

  7. I love that verse and it is definitely what we need to do. My dad make a big, wooden American Flag (probably about 6'x9') and it is hanging in the recreation hall of our church.

    Happy 4th!!

  8. How fun to have red, white, and blue toenails! Happy 4th!

  9. Your acrostic was fabulous! I love that song. And James Taylor. :)

  10. I've never seen ice cream made with coconut milk here in our local stores. I wonder if I'd like it better than regular ice cream.

    Enjoyed your acrostic.

    Hope you have a very nice weekend.

  11. I love how you paint your toes. Yes a good old cheeseburger is the best! I love those deals at Target for the free GC. My own little world can be filled with problems, I don't need the whole world on my shoulders too. I love James Taylor. I love your random too and I agree!

  12. I too am in constant prayer for our nation. I pray that God would raise up God fearing men and women to be elected to public office. I don't think it's too late for America but that day is coming. Thank you for the "Anniversary" love. SWMBO and I appreciate it.

  13. Hi, Theresa,
    I have never heard of coconut milk ice cream. It sounds delicious though. I'll have to look for it!
    Yes, I also have a heavy heart about our nation. For years the gov't has been removing God from everything. It's been bad sowing and now we are seeing the 'fruits' of that sowing. So thankful God will be with us no matter what happens.
    Take care.♥


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