Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Light and Airy Hodgepodge

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1. Is your home air conditioned? If it's not air conditioned, is that by choice? Did you grow up with air conditioning? If not how did you cope with the heat? Share about a time or place you remember as being too hot-the temperature kind of hot, lest anyone be confused.

Yes, we have air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms.  Yes, I grew up with air conditioning.  Our house was so cold that the throw blankets we had on our couches were often used by my friends.  They still remember that.  I do not tolerate the heat well.  I remember teaching in June and my classroom being so hot I would feel sick.  I had all kinds of fans, cooling neck wraps, even tried juicing watermelon.  

2. What's something in your life right now that falls under the heading 'up in the air'?

I can't say too much but general decision making for early Fall.

3. Your favorite light and airy dessert?

A root beer float.

4. When did you last feel like you were 'floating on air'?

I can't think of anything in particular.  In general I'd say those times when you see prayer answered in ways beyond what you thought.

5. Airport, airmail, airtight, airhead...which have you most recently encountered? Explain.

Airmail.  I was on the phone with my aunt who lives several states away yesterday and the post woman came to her door.  I sent her a small package and didn't put enough postage on it.  Instead of sending it back they just collected the remaining postage from her.  That is unlike me but I've had a lot on my mind and I guess I acted like an airhead.  Thankfully she knows me well enough that I wasn't embarrassed.

6.  Have you ever been to the Alps? If so where did you go? If not, is this a destination on your must-see list? If you were headed that direction this summer, which of the following would be your preferred activity...a gentle walk, a serious walk, a bike ride, a boat ride around one of the lakes, or summer snow skiing?

No, I haven't.  I am sure they are beautiful in person but it is not on my must-see list.  If I were there I would prefer a boat ride around one of the lakes.  I love snow, but have no desire to ski.

7. What is one saying or phrase that was considered 'cool' when you were growing up?

"Gag me with a spoon".  Yes, it was the 80s and Valley Girl talk was cool, even on Long Island.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It has been very hot and humid the past few days.  Today is supposed to be less humid and oppressive and a nice summer day.  I'll still need the A/C though ;)



  1. Gag me with a spoon! I remember that. And then it morphed into "gag me with ______" (all sorts of things for laughs).

  2. Yes. I don't mind the heat at all if I'm inside with AC on and a blanket over me. That's normal here. I mailed a package today myself, however that was after I had posted my answers. Have a great day!

  3. Ha! I haven't thought of "gag me with a spoon" in ages. That was a good one.
    It's good that you are getting a little break from the oppressive heat. Enjoy while you can :)

  4. I don't think I'd survive today without air conditioning. We use that and also our ceiling fans. Wouldn't want to be with them either.

  5. Good grief haven't heard 'gag me with a spoon' for years! Funny. I don't like the AC to be set so low that we all freeze. I always wear a jacket into the grocery store it's so cold. :-)

  6. I have been to the Alps, just a couple of years ago, and so enjoyed the visit. The trip up to Hitler's Eagles Nest was fascinating, and the train ride through the snowy mountains was incredible.

  7. I actually haven't heard of the term 'gag me with a spoon" I was too young for the Valley girls at the time. I remember some 80's slang but I think most of the words crossed over into the 90's. Plus I used to watch 80's shows and movies.

  8. So how did your efforts to juice a watermelon work out?

  9. Yum, I could go for a root beer float right now! Enjoyed reading you answers and hope your week is going well.

  10. Oh, yes, I need a/c here in NE Louisiana too. It is so, so hot and humid. I do remember that term and I thought my two kids probably used them all at one time or the other. Happy weekend!

  11. Hi,
    I wanted to stop in and say Hi. I have been super busy, so missed another Hodgepodge. I will try for next week.
    I love Root Beer Floats. I said "Gag me with a Spoon " too. :-))

  12. hahaha...I remember 'gag me with a spoon'. :-D
    Our family didn't have a/c when I was growing up, but we did have a finished basement and we spent a lot of time there in the summer. The older I get the harder it is to deal with humidity. *ugh* Fall can come anytime now.


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