Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Challenge- Week One


It is week one of Courtney at Women Living Well’s Fall Challenge.  This week she encouraged us to light a candle in our home.  Every time we look at the candle we can be reminded to pray for God’s peace in our home.  To read more about this challenge, visit Courtney at Women Living Well


I bought my candle this weekend and have been burning it a lot since then.  I bought a Hot Cider Yankee Candle.  It smells sooooo good!  My fall decorations are finished.  I will try to post more pictures of them tomorrow. 

In order to have peace in our homes we must have peace in our hearts.  Do you know true peace, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ? 



  1. No better peace there is than from Jesus! :)

  2. What a great visual!!! I put out my Fall Decorations last Friday and have several orange candles out as well - I think I will follow your example today and do the same!

    Thanks Teresa!

  3. I loved this idea...just reminds me of how many things can remind me to pray for my family and also change my attitude. He is the light of the world!!!
    Prayed for you today for your test on Thursday...blessings!!

  4. Love it! What a splendid idea!! I have scentsy's "maple butter" burning in my home right now!

    LOVE your new fun to decorate fall with all the awesome colors!!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog Theresa! I really wanted to buy a Yankee Candle too! Target didn't have any that smelled good--yours sounds like it smells heavenly!

  6. I love Yankee candles (buttercream is my favorite). Until today, the only other candle I truly liked was A.I. Root. But I discovered a lovely soy-based candle while shopping today. I got cinnamon vanilla and hope it scents my house as well as the century home-turned-artisan shop I bought it in. Thanks for the welcome home, Theresa.

  7. O Theresa, I see your candle is Hot cider, YUM! Mine is Pumpkin course I have a select of candles through out. I love candles and fall ones especially. Lol.

    On your thyroid, there is so much information out there. I have not found a natural remedy just yet, but a friend of mine is going to let me know what her dr suggested that is natural.

    I do need to see endo as family doc has no clue. I am on levothyroxine 50mg while it helps a tad I still hunt for a natural remedy. While in the process one thing I have found out is to start watching your food in take. Certain foods including vegetables have a large amount of goitrogens that is harmful to your thyroid. It is a chemical blocker. So the watching of food and how much of what has helped tremendously. That and I had to do a fast to completely detox my body of everything harmful and start over. I no longer drink what I used to, Lots of sodas, tea use to drink coffee and quit. Now I only drink water and juices [100% concentrated, NO sugar or extra anything added] I usually by the frozen and mix it myself, with an occasional Unsweetened Tea. In the last 10 mos I learned alot about water and how important it is to our body. I made a blog post about it to. Lots of information we dont know or seldom hear about and has even been reported in the media months after I learned all of it. Lol. Water makes a protective coating on all our organs so the intake of water is extremely important and even helps out thryoid. The things I wish I knew earlier. Lol! I even started to exercise a little more, and notice when I dont exercise I have bad days. So there is a lot to learn and know about. Really to help your thyroid you have to be willing to make some changes and some are major changes.

    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way. I am so glad you dropped by. I am excited for the changes ahead for all of us on this journey in this new challenge. :)
    Have a great evening.

  8. A few years ago, our Bible Study leader challenged us to light a candle for 30 minutes each morning. Every time we smelled that sweet scent, we were to remember to pray... to turn our eyes to God. I love this example of how something as simple as a candle can help lead you to the peace found in Christ. I think I need to go buy a candle. :)

  9. Theresa ~

    That His peace and grace would fill us daily and that this challenge will encourage all of us to be more diligent to pray for that.

    Blessings ~

  10. Hi Theresa,
    thanks for visiting Team Pipkin. I am loving this fall challenge.
    I'm a new follower. Have a wonderful week.

    Sisters in Christ,

  11. Your blog looks great too, thanks for stopping by (BTW). I usually read your blog on Google Reader - I like your fall look! Love candles too. My parents brought me a few nice ones when they cam,e in May and I need to get out the fall scents!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  12. I love what your prayer was this morning.. So nice to read anothers heart seeking after the Lord.. May he bless you as you serve Him.

    In Christ,

  13. I love lighting is caramel pecan and I love catching a hint of the smell throughout the day.

  14. Hi my friend! I'm so glad you get to participate in Courtney's fall challenge and pray that you feel God's peace continuously throughout your home!

    Many Blessings,


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